Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm in Seattle for the week visiting family. I always love coming here, as much for the grandchildren as for variety of scenery, produce and flowers. Right now the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, as are the Camelias. The grass never gets brown, the trees and shrubs maintain their moist green glimmer year round and, yes, the sun does shine. Although, not today. I never tire of the stunning beauty of this place with its endless vistas of chunky  mountains and gleaming sea wherever I look.

The markets hold a marvel of fresh produce and locally grown flowers that ours, back in the east, won't have for months. The fish at the Pike Street market shines like it has just jumped out of the ocean onto its bed of shaved ice. The people are friendly and the food is spectacular. My daughters and I ate like gluttons today at a local dim sum restaurant in Chinatown where our gorging cost only $30.00. I defy you to find a similar place in Manhattan.

I'll be back east next week and chained to the stove to produce 18 cases for Berkshire Preserves' newest client, the gift shop at The New York Botanical Garden. To coincide with their upcoming exhibit  Spanish Paradise: Gardens of the Alhambra, I've been asked to create three new flavors exclusively for them based on the fruits and flowers found growing in Andalucia. I've developed delicious Pink Grapefruit Pomegranate Marmalade, Valencia Orange and Rosewater Marmalade and Lemon Mint Marmalade. These will be sold along with Berkshire Preserves staples; Pink Grapefruit, Seville and Blood Orange Marmalades.

Berkshire Preserves is also for sale in the gift shop at The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA as well as being served on the dining tables in their restaurants. We were represented at Nudel Restaurant in Lenox, MA and at The Old Mill Restaurant in South Egremont.  And, you'll find us at The Chef's Shop in Great Barrington, MA.

Orders are coming in on the Products page of this blog, for which I'm always grateful. So, thank you to all our loyal customers. Please be aware that since all the fruit we use is fresh, seasonal produce, when an item is sold out it will remain so until it returns to growing season. That is one thing that distinguishes Berkshire Preserves from other jam and marmalade companies. We rely on the trees and shrubs for food, bees for pollination, farmers for picking.


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